Monday, January 27, 2014

New Facebook Group for Wood-Fired Ovens

There is a new Facebook page just for Wood-fired ovens.  The page is open to anyone interested in designing, building, or cooking/baking in wood-fired brick, cast, or cob ovens.  Members may post photos of their oven projects, finished ovens, or foods cooked in the ovens. 

Many chefs and home cooks are interested in restaurant and outdoor wood-fired ovens due to the unique flavor it imparts to the food. For the best pizza or bread, chefs prefer wood-fired ovens and they are making a resurgence in the United States and Canada. Brick ovens are the most popular due to their high heat retention properties.  Brick ovens can obtain and sustain temperatures of 700 degrees or more, which is best for pizza.  Breads and other foods cook at a lower temperature. 

Skilled craftsmen who specialize in brick oven construction are available across North America.  Many are listed at the Masonry Heater Association Website at  The new Facebook page is also a resource for oven builders as well as the Yahoo chat list.  To join the Yahoo chat list visit and request to join.  You will need to provide some information about why you wish to join so the moderator will know you are not a computer spammer.  

To join us on Facebook go to Facebook and do a search for "Wood-Fired Ovens" then request to join and I'll add you to the group.

Marge Padgitt
HearthMasters Oven Builders



  1. That is a normal temperature for a traditional system with an old fashioned boiler but almost certainly more than you need High Temperature Ovens


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