Friday, June 8, 2012

Wildacres Poem

A Poem by Tom Marc

It’s the time to think about Wildacres

Learning from the worlds’ best fire makers

Convection, radiation, thermal mass and unburned gas

This is the only place you’ll get this class

Getting the most heat from a piece of wood

Less pollution, less cost, more heat- all good.

Our gracious hosts Kathryn, Kiva and Mike,

making sure that everything is just right

Listen for the bell- 3 squares a day in the mess hall

So good, you want to eat it all.

You’ll learn from the best, with bricks, limes, and clays

From master masons, you’ll see the best ways

To build beautiful heaters of stone, mortar and bricks

You can be sure to learn a few tricks

Top down fires, refractory clay, cement and the EPA

All these and more at the annual meeting of MHA
With Soapstone, bricks, sand, and clay

Shovels, trowels and levels, grown men and women play

In 6 days you can build a Contraflow

Man, you should see that thing glow.

An then there is also the five run

A big honkin’ heater, what fun.

And don’t forget the Tulikivi,

So velvety smooth, blue and pretty.

Wild contraptions like the Rocket stove

Seen a 30’ horizontal chimney bench before?

There’s also a giant bake oven for Pizza Party Day

Thin crust pizzas and beer, there’s no better way
The amazing pizza, thin crisp and chewy

You can be sure there’s always plenty
Five heaters all a glow, drinks – free flow

Warms your heart, body and soul,

Heaters yes, surely Works of art

Keeping fires burning in our home’s hearts

A crazy beautiful cast of characters from all over the world

Gather to see smoke from chimneys unfurl.
Marty, Lars, Norbert, Pat, Tom, Worm and Jeff

Your sides gonna hurt, when too much you laugh
The Blue ridge Mountains, fog, mist, rain, and sun

You’re guaranteed to have some fun

Sweet music has filled the hollow the last few years,

Radiant Heat Ramblers sweet strings, candy for the ears

The MHA, it’s about wood, not coal

Chopping renewable resources is good for the soul
Camaraderie up on the Airy Mount

For 15 years, too many good times to count
Learn About Guatemala and Masons on a Mission

Building clean burning cookers, reducing disease and pollution

Times are tough, it’s true

Wildacres will be a rewarding break for you

A talented group of masons will inspire

To once again connect to the “ Spirit of the Fire”

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  1. I've always heard of masonry work being called masonry markham heating. And I didn't know if one was the more correct term for it. But anyways I just always thought that masonry work is awesome.


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